Saturday, 6 May 2017

Why Run

Why do anything?

We all have our own reasons ... for me its for the sensation - Its a wonderful feeling while running and afterwards too. Its a holistic mind, body and environment thing ... the feeling of being at one - with oneself and the world ... losing yourself in the moment ... enjoying the journey. The destination is enjoyable too - the endorphin high and relaxed feeling after a run is wonderful.

Anything that gets you out and about is good walking, cycling, sport and games ... I'm not talking about running in a gym here.

I think running is travelling at the speed of thought .. its good to clear the mind but most of my runs are like brainstorms .... trouble is my memory is so bad that I can't remember the great ideas by the time I get back. However, some of the little ideas stay in my mind and I'll write up the ones about running here.

The reasons we do things are important ... there is a big difference between being driven and being motivated. Being driven is an external force .. you are driven ... its something you have to do, it chases and pushes you ... usually through necessity. Being motivated is an internal force, its a choice, its an attraction to something rather than a push from something.

Being motivated is a lot more enjoyable than being driven and leads to a deeper and longer lasting experience and motivation leads to better learning.

Driving is easier than motivating and superficial management is full of "driving" metaphors .. "driving change", "driving growth" ... but at what cost ..... its driving us mad!

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